Metro Art Presents Palmy, The Sidewalk Palm Tree – A Soundscape By The Growth Eternal

Part of An Environmental Music Series from Metro Art and Leaving Records

Union Station's Historic Ticketing Hall

June 25, 2021 - July 25, 2021

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Part of An Environmental Music Series from Metro Art and Leaving Records

Palmy is a little palm tree. And they’re growing up, just like you! This song is about both of you growing up. Palmy wrote it after they saw you walking by them. You were on your way to Union Station. Does Palmy’s song sound like a journey to Union Station to you?

Inspired by the sidewalk landscapes of Los Angeles and the way a child might experience the natural world on a daily walk, Palmy, the sidewalk palm tree is written from the point-of-view of a sproutling that has rooted itself on a small patch of earth. It watches people on their way to places the tree can only imagine from the sights and sounds that surround it. The soundscape was created using ambient field recordings, synthesizer, three plants using PlantWave and a dog.

The Growth Eternal (TGE) was started in 2018 as a project stemming from artist Byron Crenshaw’s direct experience and interest in bringing together disparate parts of the self. Crenshaw is a Tulsa-born, Dallas-taught, Black-living, spiritual being who currently lives in Koreatown. He started playing music professionally at 15 years old when he fell in love with jazz after hearing John Coltrane and Duke Ellington’s rendition of In a Sentimental Mood. After attending the University of North Texas and graduating in 2019 with a Jazz Bass Degree, he decided to move to California to pursue a more honest and creative path for himself in music. Eternally he grows, learning as he goes.

Presented in collaboration with Leaving Records.

Written, performed, and produced by The Growth Eternal

About An Environmental Music Series from Metro Art and Leaving Records

This year, Metro Art teamed up with Los Angeles-based Leaving Records to ask four musicians who draw inspiration from the landscape to create original music soundscapes evoking experiences of nature and transportation in Los Angeles with historic Union Station at its center. The first, Waiting in the Light by Nailah Hunter, was inspired by the morning light in Union Station’s Historic Ticketing Hall. Look for two more this summer!

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