Metro Art Presents: North Patio – 1 – Mary Lattimore

North Patio

April 8, 2018 from 2:00pm - 4:00pm

We’re pleased to present a music performance series over the course of three Sunday afternoons inspired by and taking place on the North Patio, one of Union Station’s most intimate, verdant courtyard spaces that was originally designed as an outdoor waiting room in 1939.

We welcome you to join us and enjoy the weather as it begins to warm for sounds that will evoke varied and layered influences drawing from the architecture, history, and energy of the station as it exists in the city today.

Artist Information

Classically trained harpist Mary Lattimore has released two solo albums on Ghostly International Records, “The Withdrawing Room” and “At The Dam”, which Pitchfork cited as “burs t(ing) with ambition and ideas.” She has collaborated with notable artists including Kurt Vile, Thurston Moore, Sharon Van Etten, Meg Baird, Steve Gunn, the Clientele, Hop Along, Jarvis Cocker, Karen Elson, Ed Askew, Quilt and Jeff Ziegler. Lattimore co-wrote reimagined scores for the 1968 experimental silent film “Le Revelateur,” directed by Philippe Garrel (who approved of the project), and the Czech New Wave classic “Valerie and Her Week of Wonders.”