Metro Art Presents: Bob Baker Day Meets Union Station

Union Station

March 7, 2021

CLICK HERE to watch. Visit the Bob Baker Day 2021 website to explore all of the progaming through March 7, 2021

In celebration of the 7th annual Bob Baker Day, Metro Art Presents collaborated with the world-renowned Los Angeles puppetry organization, Bob Baker Marionette Theater, on a virtual premiere featuring its beloved puppets performing throughout historic Union Station.

CLICK HERE to watch the joyful and imaginative celebration of Bob Baker’s birthday featuring the popular marionettes who have entertained generations of Angelenos as they explore, dance and even roller skate through the station while delivering fun for all ages through an online carnival of inspiration and creativity.

“I remember riding the Red Car all over the city as a kid … I love the current light rail system and take the subway whenever I can. I like to people watch.” – Bob Baker, 2005_

Historic Union Station served as the centerpiece of the Bob Baker Day activities throughout the region along the routes and networks that connect Los Angeles. Viewers can delve deeper into the Bob Baker Day website to access even more exciting performances from majestic locations across Los Angeles County via an interactive 3-D map.

An annual celebration of art, music, community and puppetry, Bob Baker Day 2021 featured Bob Baker Marionette Theater contributions from dozens of community partners, plus a robust roster of puppet performances filmed by Bob Baker Marionette Theater at iconic locations throughout LA that guests can explore for one week only, February 27-March 7, on the Bob Baker Day 2021 website.

Metro Art Presents showcases an exciting year-round array of arts and cultural events at historic Union Station. From music and dance performances, film screenings and poetry readings to experimental and mixed-media presentations, the programs creatively activate downtown’s primary transportation hub for all ages. For more information about how Metro enriches the transit experience through innovative, multifaceted arts and cultural programs, visit metro.net/about/artInstagram and Facebook.