Union Station Premieres Renowned Magnus Nilsson's Nordic Photographic Essay

The beauty of Magnus Nilsson's "Nordic" exhibit is not in its sprawling landscapes or bird's eye views, as stunning as they certainly are - what makes this gallery a can't-miss Los Angeles pop-up is the sense of home that Nilsson manages to instill in each global frame.

While many of Nilsson's photos depict a decidedly freezing landscape, visitors will be hard pressed to feel anything but warmth as they walk through the gallery - You'll feel fully confident in your photographic tour guide and fully at home with our hosts. The gleam of copper pots and the crisp crust of a freshly baked loaf make you stop and wonder if you have visited Nilsson's subjects before, even if only in a dream. As you emerge from the towering walls that house Nilsson's images and re-enter the bustling hub around them, you'll feel called to be just as good of a host as those who opened their homes to Nilsson's audience - or just as eager of a visitor as you've already been.

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