Passageway Art Gallery

Metro’s art program presents temporary exhibitions of illuminated photo-based artworks at a number of Metro stations. At Union Station, artworks are displayed within lightboxes in the passageway connecting Union Station East and West. The current exhibition is featured below. More information about the series is available at


Deep Connections

Union Station Passageway Art Gallery

Deep Connections features the otherworldly black and white images of artist Ken Karagozian. His work shares a unique view on Los Angeles few have seen through the documentation of Metro subway construction over the last three decades. Karagozian's perspective into an unfamiliar environment of underground tunneling balances imagery of massive infrastructure with the humanity of individual workers. This combination of impressive heavy equipment and expertise of skilled building trades make Metro’s complex subterranean construction possible, connecting Los Angeles in groundbreaking ways. Karagozian’s photographs tell the story of important city-building work in Los Angeles, collecting in one place the beautiful, messy, elaborate choreography happening beneath our feet. The exhibition is on view 2020-21.

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  • Self-portrait

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